In Development

Blood On All Sides

  • July 4th, 1928. Automotive tycoon, Ransom Elder, is throwing a private gathering at his summer estate on Elba Island, at the mouth of the Detroit River. This gay ole’ time soon turns to a nightmare as it becomes obvious one amongst them is a murderer. The culprit must be found or the bodies will keep piling up. Blood On All Sides, a dark-comedy murder mystery that is a gritty, hard-edged, drug fueled sexcapade with elements of international espionage.
  • Strānjbrew invites you to take part in this cross-platform multimedia event. Prepare to witness storytelling as never before.
  • Summer 2019

Warm Chord Music

  • Strānjbrew, in conjunction with Warm Chord Music, will be producing a series of music videos starting with ESCAPE THIS PLACE.

Reel Hungry

  • Hosted by Shane Brewington and Jason Graham. 
  • Reel Hungry features reviews of films (new & old), food, music and anything else we want to talk about.

Escape This Place by Warm Chord Music

Released January 25, 2016

Jay Croft - Rhythm Guitars and Vocals

Ed Sertage - Bass

Mike Concepcion - Lead guitar

Ryan Looney - Drums 

Drums recorded by Ed Sertage at Woodshed Studio in Oak Park, MI

Mixed by Jay Croft  Mastered by Carl Saff 

Warm Chord Logo by Brandon Moses

Video Editing and Animation by Shane Brewington 

Zerstörer der Realität

This art piece is intended to take the viewer on a journey through time, space, heaven and hell. Sometimes all one needs in this world is a hug.

© 2017 Shane Brewington


Cirque des Ètoiles

Written & Directed by Sarah Root

Produced by Nesma Ghaly

Director of Photography - Shane Brewington

Original Score by Dalton Daniel

Edited by Juan Carlos Mendez, Shane Brewington